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Key Features

* Retrieval of all 2D and 3D geometries

* Direct programmingbased on a 3D model

* Control of all axesand fixtures

* Utilization of allmachine technologies

* Dramaticproductivity increases 

Data retrieval

* IGES, DXF, Catia,STEP, SAT, Parasolid

* Integrated surfaceand volume modeler

Calculation of gaps and prolongation of surfaces

* Electricaldischarge gap during roughing or finishing

* Automatictangential prolongation of surfaces

* Easy modification

* Control of multipledrafts

Part of Missler's integrated solution

* TopSolid'Wireespecially complements TopSolid'Mold, TopSolid'Progress and other solutions ofthis product line. It therefore guarantees high associativity and dramaticproductivity increases.

* Optimumcontinuation of design in manufacturing

Machining based onprofiles or surfaces

* Automatic profileoffset in Z direction

* Recognition ofsurfaces and drafts

* Selection ofconfigurable elements

* Destructiveroughing

Optimized toolpaths

* TopSolid'Wiresupports important machining strategies and machine technologies

* Control of loops,edges and corner conditions

* Optimized chainingof tool paths

* Management ofday/night strategies with automatic threading and cutting of the wire

2 to4-axis-machining for all machines

* Machine tablecontrol

* Consideration ofmachining speed tables

* Optimized and configurable post processors